BrainVita (also known as Peg Solitaire) is a classic mind game, played by a single player.

The standard game fills the entire board with marbles except for a single hole.
The objective is to empty the entire board except for a single marble.
We have provided different board layouts to test your skills.


* Great User Interface
* Submit scores to global leader board
* Unlimited Undo/Redo option available
* Timer to track your progress

The rules of the games are as follows:

1.There are a set of marbles placed on the board with only a few portions left vacant.
All you have to do is move one marble over the other either horizontally or vertically (diagonal moves are not allowed).
As soon as you do this, the marble over which you took the other marble disappears.

2.Continue moving one marble over the till you have no other option.
The aim of the game to leave only ONE marble on the board.

ONE marble on the board - You are a genius
TWO marbles on the board - You are intelligent
THREE marbles on the board - You are average
FOUR or MORE marbles on the board - You need to practice

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